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Programming Support Services NEW!!!

We can support you from any start point to any finish point you product sample, prototype concept part, drawing, or model and take you through to a verified posted program code for your machine with the further option of including set up sheets to make easier for your staff to run the machining operation

We can offer the following stages through to the completion solution;

*CNC Programming..Mill 3~5 Axis...Lather, Mill/Turn.. Wirecut

*Jigs & Fixture Design

*3D Solid and Surface Modelling

*First Part run off

Customers will have the ability to be able to select the area they need us to satisfy and use on a case by case basis as and when the need arises.

It is available to all Mastercam users and those running current Mastercam maintenance will be automatically eligible for a 10% discount on the service rate.

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