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Save Time with the New Toolpath Optimization System in Robotmaster V6

Thirty seconds may not seem like much to some, but when it comes to offline robotic programming, 30 seconds can make all the difference in the world to the bottom line.

The new optimization system of Robotmaster V6 allows for substantially faster optimizing, which means you can check for collisions, singularities, out of reach, and joint limits faster and more easily than ever before. Fine tuning the optimizations can reduce the time of regenerating and verifying a smooth, collision-free toolpath by 10, 20, 30 seconds or more. The time saved increases exponentially with larger and more point-intensive paths.

This per-path time savings add up when you consider that a program with only 2 paths could be optimized a full minute faster in Robotmaster V6 than in previous versions. At only one program a day, thatís an annual time savings of roughly 250 minutes, or 4+ hours, based on days worked per year.

Many programs have 5, 10, or more toolpaths per part, which means the time and cost savings, as well as efficiencies, will increase dramatically as the year progresses. Programming becomes more efficient, time is spent more wisely, and the beneficiary is your bottom line when you use the new toolpath optimization system in Robotmaster V6.

For more information please contact us.

CNC Software's Meghan Summers West Named as One of Manufacturing Engineering's "30 under 30"

Manufacturing Engineering presented its inaugural "30 under 30 Ė The Future Leaders of Manufacturing" in their July issue. CNC Software is both proud and humbled to announce CNC Software COO, Meghan West, was named as a member of this select group.

It's particularly exciting for us as we celebrate our own 30th anniversary. Meghan brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to the company, some behind the scenes and others in future implementations of Mastercam.

We'd like to thank you, the Mastercam community, for your support, and Meghan looks forward to meeting and working with many more of you as we continue in the industry we all love.

To learn more, read the full article in the July 2013 Manufacturing Engineering magazine.

Mastercam Paid for Itself within One Month

We have a new Mastercam customer video for you to see. This one features CAR Engineering.

CAR Engineering earns half of its income from the companyís regional leadership in multi-slide production metal stamping. The other half is dedicated to precision CNC manufacturing with a dozen 3- and 4-axis CNC mills. They serve a diverse base of companies in the aerospace, defense, medical, and consumer goods industries.

CAR Engineering upgraded their Mastercam software to Mill Level 3 and said, "We've seen a dramatic increase in productivity because of all the different options that come with Mill Level 3. Based on the time savings alone, the software has already paid for itself."

Mastercam's toolpath efficiencies gave CAR Engineering nearly a 50% increase in productivity and paid for itself in the first month.

Mastercam X7 Preview 3 - New Lathe Dynamic Rough Toolpath

Shops have similar goals when programming turning operations as they do when programming milling toolpaths: reduce cutting time and increase tool life.

Mastercam X7 addresses this need with the new Lathe Dynamic Rough toolpath. This strategy is designed for hard materials cut with button inserts. The dynamic motion allows the toolpath to cut gradually, remain engaged in the material more effectively, and use more of the surface on your insert. The result is extended tool life and increased cutting speed.

For more information on Mastercam X7, please visit

New Dynamic Mill Video

Part finish, cycle time, and tool wear are shops' constant concerns. Mastercam's Dynamic Milling is designed to improve all of these with a single powerful technique.

Dynamic milling creates a constantly adapting toolpath with consistent cutting conditions providing smoother, safer motion. This motion is easier on your machine and can effectively use the full flute length, greatly extending cutter life and often eliminating the need for multiple depth cuts.

Optimized cut ordering, specialized motion to keep the tool down, and other elements combine to deliver parts faster-and with a better finish-than ever before.

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Prosoft's Mastercam Workshop 2013

Prosoft's Mastercam Workshops in Auckland and Christchurch on the 22nd and 24th of April 2013 received immediate positive feedback.... a total of 20 companies with 29 people attended our workshops.

This was our first workshop in the five years of running them to feature a "Roll Out" session prior to the release of the new version....In this case Mastercam X7 due for release in early May 2013. The review of the key "What's New" features in X7 really made a connection with those attending, not only were participants able to learn of the features, they were given a visual snapshot of how they worked and the applications they could be used in.

So now when their new X7 package arrives they will have a head start on what to expect and importantly will be able to install it confidently and begin to use it straight away to capture the benefits for their respective company's.

The new Backplot and Verify window, the new Tool Manager and the Solids Edit functionality are among the highlights.

In our Christchurch workshop held at the CPIT, we had 4 students of the CPIT attending due to their commitment and desire to further enhance their knowledge, by doing so they put themselves in the position to each be selected to receive a free MastercamU course subscription for Mill Design and Toolpaths.

Congratulations to Mathew Burns, Ciby John, Andrei Popa and Kasun Dandeniya.. we will be looking forward to seeing these young men graduate from this course in 12 weeks time with their associate level degree of certification.

Finally, I will say a big thank you to all our Prosoft customers who have supported us ...please do keep sending your feedback to us ..our web site and Facebook are there for your support and comments .. with your inputs we can continue to deliver value information in our workshops and training programs to help you and your shops continue to improve productivity and processing efficiencies.

Roy Parlane

Mastercam Turns 30!

Mastercam 30 Years

This year marks an important milestone for CNC Software. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we wanted to share a few words from the company founders about our past, present, and future.

To see this new video put together for our 30th Anniversary, please click here.

Throughout the year, we'll be sharing glimpses of our company's history and future direction, along with some of the shops that help us improve Mastercam.

Working with shops is critical to what we do. We couldn't have come this far without the dedicated Mastercam community, letting us know what they need and giving us feedback that helps drive our development forward. We're excited to be opening up even more ways for the global Mastercam community to have input on our software.

We look forward to combining our experience with yours to give you the best in CAD/CAM for many years to come.

Test Drive Mastercam X7

Tech Preview

The Mastercam X7 Technology Preview is now available for download to all Mastercam customers currently on Maintenance! Here's your chance to test-drive the latest technology the upcoming Mastercam X7 release has to offer.

This is a fully functional pre-release download allowing you to use all of your current Mastercam licenses for a timed period on the X7 platform.

Take the opportunity to see the latest developments and give important feedback directly to the development team working to bring you Mastercam X7. Here are some of the updates you'll see in the upcoming release of Mastercam X7, slated for Q2 2013:

  • The new Tool Manager provides an easy way to create, organize, and share your tooling information throughout your enterprise.
  • Improved Backplot and Verify utilities offer a more efficient workflow, better analysis tools, and more comprehensive toolpath support.
  • Dynamic and OptiRough toolpaths create more efficient tool motion, enhanced cut orders, and faster calculation times.
  • Multi-threading support is extended to most 2D high speed toolpaths, resulting in faster toolpath processing.
  • Oscillating motion for Curve and Swarf 5-axis toolpaths improves your tool life by varying the portion of the tool used to cut material.
  • New Lathe Dynamic Roughing strategy for fast and efficient material removal.
  • And much more.

You can download the Mastercam X7 technology preview here.


Who is Moldplus?

Moldplus has been in the business of developing value-added solutions for CAD/CAM clients for more than 15 years. They were one of the first companies that encouraged CNC Software, Inc. to open up the Mastercam software solution through the C-Hooks kit (software development kit) in order to allow Moldplus to rapidly adapt to the differing demands of the European market independently. Click here for more information.

January 2013

Mastercam X6 MU3

MU3 includes translator updates and fixes, and is available immediately to all Mastercam Maintenance customers. Click here for more information.

July 2012

Mastercam X6 MU2

This release addresses a number of issues that have been reported in previous Mastercam releases. here.

July 2012

Mastercam Solidworks X6 MU1

Mastercam Solid Works X6 MU1 has been released to all customers and is now available for download here.

June 2012

Mastercam X6 MU1

The first maintenance update for Mastercam X6 is now available for download here.

For more details on the latest release of Mastercam, please visit the what's new page.

June 2012

Mastercam X6 Released

The newest version of Mastercam, X6, has just been released. X6 can be downloaded here.

June 2012

Mastercam for SolidWorks Awarded Gold Partner Status

Mastercam's fully integrated CAM package brings world-leading toolpaths to SolidWorks here.

July 2010

Mastercam Workshop

Congratulations to Alex Kung, winner of a 90 day subscription to Streaming Teacher!

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