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Moldplus MoldPlus SA Powerful surface design tools for any client doing complex modeling. Special tools for various industries from mold and electrode design to model makers and the aerospace industry using Mastercam.

Moldplus® for Mastercam radically reduces your tool design cycle. This multi-function program automates repetitive or complex design tasks. Heal or fix problematic surfaces, trim or untrim complex surfaces and create complex patches with a few clicks! Jobs that once took long tedious hours can now be done in minutes! Build strong electrodes or create vacuum forming tools in a matter of minutes! A must have for any client doing surface or Solid modeling in Mastercam.

NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner NextEngine Measure 50,000 points per second and quickly create tool path from 3D models to speed your manufacturing workflow.

NextEngine's Desktop 3D Scanner, with multi-laser precision, now makes it practical to 3D scan complex shapes or hand-sculpted prototypes and bring detailed geometry and design intent into CAM. Mesh, Surface and parametric Solids are the files types created from the NextEngine software solutions ScanStudio CORE, PRO and RapidWorks.

ProjectManager CAMAIX Project Manager for Mastercam organizes all customer projects and their modifications in a graphical database environment.

The daily work of a Mastercam user is dealing with CAD data and creating NC programs. This generates a large number of computer files, and this data needs to be organized well. Project Manager for Mastercam is a perfect organizer for all job-related files including digital pictures, setup sheets and NC programs. It saves time and reduces human errors.


Creates surfaces from point cloud or STL data.

Now it is possible to generate surfaces from point clouds in Mastercam using the REVSURF C-Hook. The surfaces are smoothly approximated through the measured points after offset calculation of probe diameter. Just select edge curves and let REVSURF generate free form surfaces, trimmed planes, loft surfaces etc

Surface Comparison CAMAIX

Surface Comparison is an efficient and extremely fast tool to manage, track and proof all CAD modifications.

Moldmakers using Mastercam usually import surface models from customer CAD systems. They use the CSURF C-Hook in order to manage, track and proof all modifications made by their customer. Powered by documentation features, CSURF helps moldmakers to fulfill quality requirements (ISO 9000). Different surfaces from two Mastercam-Files are color marked to detect the changes. Displaying the grid and the coordinates an surface module for hardcopy. Text info like username or date can be displayed also to get a plot.

Verisurf Model Based Definition Verisurf Software With the Verisurf MBD Add-On in Mastercam, the MBD Manager is added to Mastercam’s Operations

Users can easily create and apply feature-specific GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) within the CAD model. All of the controls necessary to label datum features and datum targets, to add GD&T callouts, including to dimensioning angles, distances and thicknesses, and more.

Verisurf Reverse Verisurf Software Create CAD model from scratch either offline using CMM data or in real-time with a CMM device.

Comprehensive, powerful, reverse engineering software for use with any CMM device (CMM, portable arm, laser tracker). Measured points are taken, viewed, and worked in real-time on the CAD screen (reverse engineering in real-time has many advantages). Powerful tools aid in the creation of an accurate CAD model from scratch.

Volume Calculation CAMAIX

Calculates the volume of complex surface models.

The result are in many cases also reasonably good if the surface models are not 100% closed. Thus VolCalc is the ideal for a quick estimation of the necessary amount of plastic or steel to produce the workpiece according to a given CAD model.

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