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5AxVirtualMachine CAMAIX

Fast and powerful collision checking.

This product is easy to use and allows for a straighforward setup of new machines and machine types.

CAM-POST ICAM Technologies

CAM-POST® NC Post-Processing Solution

CAM-POST is an advanced independent single source NC post-processing development, management and deployment technology supporting all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools. CAM-POST incorporates over 35 years of industry leading NC expertise to deliver the most advanced, intuitive and flexible system architecture available.

CIMCO Edit CIMCO Integration

CIMCO Edit Professional Edition is the perfect companion for Mastercam.

CIMCO Edit Professional is an expanded version of CIMCO Edit OEM for Mastercam (included with Mastercam V8, V9, X and X2). Professional Edition includes edit, file compare, math functions, NC functions, single-channel communications, and 3D-3axis mill / 2D-2axis lathe backplot.

CIMCO 5-Axis Post Processors CIMCO Integration 5-Axis Post Processors exclusively for Mastercam that support DMG, Hermle, Reichenbacher, Hülhorst, Fadal, Geiss, Okuma, Maka, CMS, Hurco, Ferrari, Willemin, CME, Mazak, Zimmerman, and more. Supports all 5-axis toolpath types; Curve5ax, Drill5ax, Swarf5ax, Flow5ax, and 5aAxis Ruled.
IMSpost IMS Software, Inc.

IMSpost is CNC postprocessing software.

IMSpost is a complete CNC postprocessing development platform supporting all major CAD/CAM systems. A robust library of industry standard CNC controllers combined with support for all types of machine kinematics allows for easy development to address the most complex postprocessing requirements.

InterFlux Northwood Designs

Convert files from graphic Illustration software to high quality, low trouble, machinable geometry.

InterFlux provides tools to directly read illustration files, then to quickly size, place the origin, convert to arcs and lines and export to machinable geometry.

Mastercam HSM Performance Pack CIMCO Integration

A powerful solution for all Mastercam users who demand high speed machining capabilities.

The Mastercam HSM Performance Pack extends the capabilities of your exsting Mastercam system with a wide range of new features, as well as reducing the calculation and machining time. It smooths the paths of both cutting moves and retracts wherever possible to keep a more continuous machine tool motion. The result is a high quality, gouge free tool path. This translates to increased surface quality, less wear on your cutters, and a longer life for your machine tools.

MCU (MetaCut Utilities) Northwood Designs

A powerful collection of CAM utilities that prove a valuable addition to any shop.

MetaCut Utilities offers a broad collection of interactive utilities that simultaneously provide NC visualization, graphical editing, analysis, verification and much more for the CNC professional. For a free trial of MCU version 3.08, please visit

MetaCut Finish Northwood Designs

Optimization for finishing toolpaths.

MetaCut Finish optimization software is the verified way to improve your accuracy and surface finish while reducing machining time to the absolute minimum. With thousands of installations worldwide since 1992 you can be assured of customer proven results.MetaCut Finish optimization software is the verified way to improve your accuracy and surface finish while reducing machining time to the absolute minimum. With thousands of installations worldwide since 1992 you can be assured of customer proven results.


5 axis post processing

Intuitive user interface and straightforward machine configuration. These posts are fully customizable and supports most controllers. Supports 5 axis NURBS splines output for smaller programs and better surface quality.

ProDrill MoldPlus SA

Feature recognized drilling for Mastercam.

Repetitive drilling tasks that previously took hours can now be done in a few clicks. Rapid ROI. Automatically identifies drilling operations independent of the CAD system source. Functions automatically with surface and Solid models from any CAD system. Automatically create and insert complex drilling geometry and operations on Solid models and 2D drawings!
With one click of the mouse, all the holes are identified (on all planes whether it is a 2D or 5-axis part) and the processes from the drilling processes library are automatically applied to the drill forms.

Robotmaster Jabez Technologies

Cad/Cam for robots.

The cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots plus the ease of programming of Mastercam. Robotmaster generates programs off-line and eliminates lost production time during programming. Robotmaster shrinks programming time from days to hours by generating robot control code directly from Mastercam, producing robot trajectories accurately, without the need to teach points.

ThreadMill CAMAIX

Internal and external thread milling, including database for standard thread types, cutters, shafts and material info.

Inner and outer threads can be milled with appropriate thread milling cutters. The advantage of this method is that a thread cutter can be used for any thread diameter. This product creates NC paths for thread milling and contains a database for standard thread types and thread cutters, shafts and material info.

Virtual Machine ICAM Technologies

Virtual Machine® for Graphic Machine Tool Simulation.

Virtual Machine- Graphic NC Post-Processing seamlessly unites ICAM's advanced NC post-processing solution, CAM-POST with a comprehensive graphical machine tool simulator, in one single integrated platform. Virtual Machine enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs, easily and automatically, against collisions during post-processing. It allows NC programmers to avoid and correct possible programming errors that may have resulted in costly machine tool collisions and defective parts.

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