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MasterControl HighRES, Inc.

This reverse engineering added-value power module for Mastercam is a powerful measurement and stitching plug-in for HighRES MasterMill, MasterTool, or MasterPlane.

This plug-in offers a dynamic menu-driven interface that quickly guides you through set-up and navigates you through the task of collecting data from a physical object or prototype. Digitize by time and digitize by distance features are powerful collection modes that provide time saving and automated measurement capabilities. “Smart Stitch" lets you pick beginning and end node position with the mouse emulating stitching capabilities. Smart Stitch combines solid and surface models into a manufacturable hybrid model.

MasterMill HighRES, Inc.

3D Track and Inspect including X, Y, Z real-time 3D tracking cursor inspect.

Mastermill can be used as a 2D point-to-plane modeling tool to capture physical surface geometry and create Mastercam generated wireframe parts, molds, or models of complex organic shapes with potable CMMs. Create 2D features as Points, Open Line, Closed Line, Open Spline, or Closed Spline (Mastercam can display all of these with or without points). 3D scale in X, Y, or Z during your digitizing session. Create 2-point rectangles and 3-point circles. Offset cutplane via digitizer or user defined variables. Integrated HighRES menu resides inside of Mastercam. Designed for FARO, Romer, and Microscribe CMMs.

MasterMove HighRES, Inc.

This plug-in offers a superior mapping matrix that simplifies the Data acquisition of large molds, models, or parts.

This module for Mastercam is a powerful large objects snap-and-map plug-in for MasterMill, MasterTool, or MasterPlane. It offers a superior mapping matrix that simplifies the scanning and data acquisition of large molds, models, or parts. This module automates your leap-frog exercise as you digitize and move large parts. MasterMove allows you to move the digitizer as you go; the software will automatically “snap and map” the sections together after locking back on to your new position on the part.

MasterTool HighRES, Inc.

Point-to-point measuring, 3D axis plane tolerancing, and auto-align features enable you to define the sensitivity of your digitizing device and assures co-planar point/entity construction.

Includes all Mastermill functions PLUS create free-form 3D Points, Open Lines, Closed Lines, Open Splines, and Closed Splines. Measure point to point. 3D axis plane tolerancing and auto align features enable you to define sensitivity of your digitizing device and assures co-planar point/entity construction. View your data collection on screen in real time during your digitizing session. All files save as a true native Mastercam part file, eliminating data translation issues. Designed for FARO, Romer, and Microscribe CMMs.

Metrolosys Shadow Automation

The Metrology System that makes it easy to create full GD&T inspection procedures that run on your CNC machine-tool.

Metrolosys is a powerful, CAD-based programming and reporting system for machined parts. Based on the industry standard DMIS programming language, Metrolosys quickly enables you to use your CNC milling machine the same way that you use your CMM. Any CNC milling machine that is probe-ready can take advantage of these capabilities. No special wiring or computer parts are required. Inspection features inclue automatic probe programming of measure holes, lines, surfaces and more by selecting geometry right from the screen. Complete GD&T tolerancing, define datum reference frames, and enter tolerances just like you see them on the blueprint.

Probe Pilot Advanced Probe Technologies, LLC

Probe Pilot is a powerful, easy to learn, CAD based programming system for machine tool probing.

Featured based point & click selection allows you to quickly create complex probe programs that can be used for part setup, probe calibration, process control, unattended machining, coordinate rotation, machine health check, as well as part inspection with formatted inspection results.. Use of macro based programming gives real time data that is available immediately at the time of measurement. Extensive measure operations that include points, bores, bosses, webs, pockets, partial arcs, internal corners, and external corners, with options such as regular tolerance, true position tolerance and variable search distance. Custom macros can be created and implemented effortlessly, including the ability to create a variable input form on the fly. Complete probe simulation for probe tool path verification.

Veriprobe Verisurf Software, Inc.

CNC programming system for automated CMMs and New; Creation of automated inspection plans for manual devices.

CAD based CNC programming system generates tool paths for CMMs. Full functioning CAD system provides 3D graphical programming with tool path simulation including probe angles and changes, clearance planes, goto moves, operator comments, tolerances, surfaces, contours, holes, bosses, etc. New; Also create automated inspection plans for manual devices.

Verisurf Analysis Verisurf Software, Inc.

Coordinate measuring software for comparison, analysis and reporting of measured (CMM) point data to the 3D CAD model.

Powerful, CAD-based software for off-line comparison between CAD model and measured CMM data. Projects measured points to CAD surfaces with automatic probe compensation. Provides best-fit with full control over all six axes. Output visual and text reports and color plots for hardcopy printouts or save/export to various electronic file formats.

Verisurf Build Verisurf Software, Inc.

The Virtual GageTM, online CMM inspection to CAD model with real-time computer-aided assembly.

Real-time inspection to CAD model using any device type (CMM, portable arm, laser tracker) or manufacturer. Observe deviation in real time on the CAD screen as you move the probe. Load assembly model, and using the coordinate measuring device, adjust components until accurately positioned. Full acquisition and reporting of data.

Verisurf Measure Verisurf Software, Inc.

Powerful, CAD-based CMM inspection software for blueprint and feature measuring in either real-time or off-line.

Powerful, intuitive, CAD-based CMM inspection software for blueprint and feature measuring in either real-time or off-line for any coordinate measuring device (CMMs, portable arms, laser trackers). Inspection of primitive geometric features, smart measuring tools for automatic feature recognition, basic GD&T, inspection reporting. Reference measured features from any other measured entity.

Verisurf Base System Verisurf Software, Inc.

Verisurf coordinate measuring inspection software base module with CAD system and device interface.

Module includes a full-functioning CAD system and interface for all coordinate measuring device types (CMMs, portable arms, laser trackers) and manufacturers. Not just a viewer, it is a powerful design system with numerous custom design & inspection tools. It includes alignment routines, file translators and digital readout of device coordinates.

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