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Who is Moldplus?

Moldplus has been in the business of developing value-added solutions for CAD/CAM clients for more than 15 years. They were one of the first companies that encouraged CNC Software, Inc. to open up the Mastercam software solution through the C-Hooks kit (software development kit) in order to allow Moldplus to rapidly adapt to the differing demands of the European market independently. This has contributed to Mastercam becoming one of the leaders in the CAD/CAM market.

Moldplus software solutions have evolved and continue to do so thanks to user requests and feedback. The company is based in Morges, Switzerland and consists of an optimal team of individuals (developers, sales, marketing, etc.) dedicated to providing practical and cost effective solutions for manufacturing clients. Their expertise is in developing advanced design utilities for the CAD/CAM user. Moldplus software complements Mastercam's powerful design tools by allowing for market specific repetitive tasks that take hours or days (costing valuable time and money) to be completed in a matter of minutes!

What does Moldplus do?

The first product, "Moldplus" offered Mastercam users powerful surface design tools to perform draft angle analysis, split core and cavity geometry for molds, as well as create mold run-offs and other powerful surface creation and manipulation tools. Those tools are still available today through the Moldplus software and continue to improve based on user feedback. During the late 1990's, Moldplus software developed a solution for electrode design. This solution was extremely successful from the start and continues to cater to clients in the mold design industry.

Moldplus software also launched another solution in the 1990's- the CATIA V4 import export translator for Mastercam. This product is still available today for the Mastercam user. It continues to offer the translator for importing CATIA V5 files as well. The added value offered with the CATIA V5 translator (import of MBD/FTA data, CATIA tree import, and other useful manufacturing information) continues to attract new clients to use Mastercam for their manufacturing as well as design and inspection process.

ProDrill software, a joint venture with Tecnocim S.L. (Mastercam Reseller in Spain), saw the launch of a feature-based drilling solution for Mastercam in the year 2003. This product continues to evolve and has come full circle with its new version of the product- ProDrill Version 4. ProDrill clients, doing simple to complex drilling with Mastercam, continue to depend on the solution on a daily basis for their just-in-time manufacturing needs. Over the last few years, the 5-axis machining market has been gaining dominance. Moldplus investigated the market needs for the geometry preparation, and delivered a new set of tools to assist the clients in preparing their parts for machining with 5-axis toolpaths.

Moldplus has also been delivering value-added solutions to the robotic machining market. Complex geometry creation that takes hours to create can now be done in minutes!

ProDrill V4 Release

The new ProDrill V4 interface and relationship to the geometry.

ProDrill V4 for Mastercam is a radical change to the featurebased drilling solution, compared to the previous versions. The interface and logic have changed based on years of valuable feedback from our users. Since the release of ProDrill V1 back in 2003, to the new release of V4 in August 2011, they have come a long way in understanding the market and catering to it.

ProDrill V4 allows you to drill what you want, when you want, and how you want, from surface or solid models. Total automation, to full manual control for machining drill forms, in the manner that the client is used to machining his parts. From machining 2D blocks to complex 5-axis parts, ProDrill guides you through identifying the drill forms, applying the drilling tasks, and managing them in an intelligent and user-controlled manner.

Clients who reviewed the solution when it was first introduced at a major European show were excited about what the new version had to offer- level of control, logic, and features to get their drilling processes done efficiently.

New Moldplus V10.5 MR2 Release

Simulation with a custom spindle. Collisions are
displayed in red until the vector clears the part.

The new Maintenance release of Moldplus V10.5 MR2 offers new tools for creating and managing your curves and vectors for 5-axis machining and toolpaths. The improvements allows for efficient creation of complex edge curves and tilt vectors.

Some of the new features include:

  1. Additional user controls to manipulate the curves and tilt vectors.
  2. The ability to move the curve and vectors along the part.
  3. Collision detection using custom tooling (spindles, blades, laser heads, etc.).
  4. Custom tool head rotation control and simulation with the tool.
  5. Copy curve and vectors as offset curves or as translated values.

The new features are handy for creating geometry for 5-axis machining, as well as applications with robots for trimming, de-burring, welding, or laser cutting that require 5-axis curve and vector following.

For more information about Moldplus and to see what it can do, contact Prosoft.

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