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Moldplus, a Mastercam Third Party Partner, offers powerful advanced design tools for the Mastercam user. Originally designed for the mold industry, the software solution now offers even more tools for various industries that use CNC machines or robots for manufacturing purposes ranging from aerospace to the medical industry. Powerful trimming and untrimming surface tools, along with surface patching tools, continue to be a great help for Mastercam users. The solution is offered in different levels and packages to cater to your specific needs.

Moldplus V10.6, the new version of Moldplus offers several new features to the 5-axis toolkit and various internal enhancements to the overall software solution. Below are some of the highlights of the new version:

  • Create Mastercam Curve 5-axis toolpaths with 1-click: Once the geometries for the curves and vectors are created using the automatic function or the manual edge selection method, the geometry can be directly passed to the Mastercam curve 5-axis parameters and have the toolpath created.
  • Create curves on edges and splines: Create curves and vectors by clicking on edges. Also, output the curves as parametric splines to allow for better machining results.
    MoldPlus Create Curve Screenshot
    MoldPlus Move Curve Screenshot
  • Welding geometry: Quickly identify and create welding geometry (curves and vectors based on the intersection of edges) for robotic welding where creation of such geometry is a tedious and painstaking task.
  • Isolate inner and outer shell face enhancements: The selector for isolating inner and outer shell offers a slide bar to select faces on complex models more easily. Fillet faces (concave or convex) alone can be isolated and stored on separate layers.
  • STL Utilities: The splitting interface has been improved with new tools for dynamic preview of slicing the STL bodies, ability to preview and create closed bodies, easier management of split bodies, and direct saving of the bodies as Mastercam entities. The STL create edge function also allows for previewing the edges that will be created and storing the body and edges directly as Mastercam entities.

Moldplus is continuing to improve their interface and working on offering several new tools for the emerging market needs.

For more information on the 5-axis toolkit from Moldplus, please visit

For more information about Moldplus and to see what it can do, contact Prosoft.

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