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What is Robotmaster?

Robotmaster is an innovative offline programming software package built on top of Mastercam, specifically for robotic applications.

What does Robotmaster do?

Robotmaster seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation, and code generation inside Mastercam, delivering quicker robot programming.

What are Some Robotmaster Applications?

Robotmaster is ideal for a wide variety of applications including trimming,3D machining, deburring, polishing, dispensing, grinding, welding, deflashing, painting, and so much more.

What does the Robotmaster Team do?

The Robotmaster team at In-House Solutions provides robot programming technologies that enable versatile and profitable robotic solutions for industrial manufacturing applications. They focus on the implementation of easy robotic programming tools that efficiently generate CAD/ CAM-based robot trajectories to increase robot capacity and flexibility in Aerospace, Transport, High Technology, Military, Medical, Industrial Manufacturing, and Educational markets. They partner with progressive robot manufacturers, integrators, and CAD/CAM software vendors to provide integrated solutions that meet evolving industry requirements and challenges.

Why Use Robotmaster?

Some high-level benefits of using Robotmaster include:

  • Creation of simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points.
  • Special tools that assist in avoiding singularity and help to work around reach limitations.
  • Single solution compatible with multiple robot manufacturers.

What is Robotmaster? A Closer Look

Robotmaster seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation, and code generation inside Mastercam, delivering quicker robot programming.

With Robotmaster, manufacturers can program robots quickly and efficiently, using Mastercam's industry proven CAD/CAM software technology. Driven by the growing trend towards lean and flexible manufacturing, robots are progressively replacing conventional dedicated manufacturing units, such as CNC milling machines. Robots, once typically perceived as only positioning devices, have advanced in accuracy and rigidity, and are now being used increasingly for manufacturing and material removal. Using robots, manufacturers are producing higher quality products at lower cost, and are achieving the speed and flexibility they need to challenge their competitors throughout the world.

Brand Specific Examples

We have some sample videos of different brands of robots running on Robotmaster. Select a brand below to view the samples:

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