Whether you are looking for a new CAM package, using another programming system, or already a Mastercam customer, there are powerful reasons for you to switch to the Mastercam family of CAD/CAM. And with the release of Mastercam X4, there are more reasons than ever to make the change.

Here is a short list of just some of the benefits Mastercam X4 delivers.

Always Moving Forward

Mastercam is focused on improving shop-tested machining methods while also expanding new techniques. Mastercam X4 introduces a variety of these techniques. Example include Mastercam’s Feature Based Machining, which evaluates a solid model and automatically programs pockets, contours, and drilling routines, and new 3D Refined Finishing, which delivers a far superior surface finish.

Interface Customizability

Mastercam features a fully customizable interface that can be quickly tailored to specific jobs, people, or situations. For example, toolbars, drop-down menus, right-click menus, and hot keys can be customized for any situation. And interface layouts can be customized, saved, and called up with a single click. This makes the software even easier to use, and further reduces design and programming time.

A Friendly Familiarity

As you open Mastercam, there’s an immediate comfort level for our existing customers and our new users. Those who commonly use other Windows products will find themselves quickly navigating the new interface. Current Mastercam users will recognize the top drop-down menus from their previous Mastercam experience.

The Right Mix

We have put extensive development time into creating software that delivers the maximum programming flexibility while keeping the operation fast and easy to learn. For an extra training boost, Mastercam includes extensive online help, a built in reference guide, learning mode prompts, tool tips and our quick reference guide help you to get down to business designing your parts and creating toolpaths as quickly as possible.

Toolpaths You Can Count On

For more than 25 years, we have built our reputation on delivering the highest quality, most robust milling, routing, turning, and wire EDM toolpaths with complete control over every tool motion. With Mastercam, we have evolved our toolpath system even further with fast new techniques that let you do more than ever before.

Mastercam X4 delivers an additional suite of new and powerful machining techniques including Refined Finishing, Feature Based Machining, advanced multiaxis, expanded high speed machining, router, turning, and wire EDM enhancements and much more. Contact your dealer for an in-depth demonstration of what’s new.

Engineering Changes Made Easy

Every shop faces engineering changes. Often, it can be difficult to track which file is the latest, what modifications have been made, and what programming changes are needed. Mastercam X4 includes two powerful tools – File Tracking and Change Recognition – that give you an easy way to identify these issues and stream line programming an updated file.

Manage All Your Toolpath Data in one Easy to Use Interface

Manage all toolpath data efficiently. Because all licensed products can be run in one Mastercam session, you can access every toolpath for every machine in your shop. The Toolpath Manager also gives you powerful selecting, sorting, and editing options. The machine group properties make it easy to program for multiple machines and also allows different settings for each machine group. Each machine group has it’s own tool library, operations library, and operation defaults. Take advantage of this power and flexibility to make your programming tasks quicker and easier.

Define Your Shop

Mastercam delivers a powerful way to make sure that your parts are done right the first time – Machine and Control Definition. Define features and characteristics for all the machines in your shop, and Mastercam allows you to program only within the chosen machine’s capabilities. You can drag programmed toolpaths from one machine to another, and Mastercam checks that they will run on the new machine — automatically making adjustments where possible. And finally, Mastercam tailors the interface to your selected machine’s capabilities, and will even automatically load the toolbars that make you most efficient.

Do More With Fewer Clicks

The new Mastercam was designed to allow you to flow from the design process to the machining process with optimal efficiency and speed. This will save programming time, along with boosting productivity and your company’s bottom line.

Flexible Entity Manipulation

Mastercam's live entities and geometry previews, give you constant visual feedback until the desired result is achieved, saving time and needless rework.

Create Your Own Applications in Mastercam to Suit Your Specific Needs

With a robust API, and utilizing Microsoft .NET development technology, you can customize Mastercam to automate repetitive tasks as well as write your own programs to handle specialized situations.

Plays Well With Others

Mastercam can use virtually any CAD source file in the world, including wireframe geometry, surfaces, and solids in any combination. The “Mastercam Direct” suite of free add-ins puts a Mastercam launcher in your favorite CAD package, including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and AutoCAD. And Mastercam's open architecture makes a host of optional software utilities available for specific work such as automatic core/cavity separation, reverse engineering, and much more.

Local Experts, Local Support

Mastercam has the longest tenured reseller channel in the business — a tremendous advantage for our customers. You have an exclusive Mastercam partner who is highly trained and experienced, ready to pass on his or her knowledge and to support you in every way possible.

Protect Your Investment

The Mastercam Maintenance Program is a software delivery plan designed to provide you with the most recent enhancements, the latest software tools, and the best new features. This means that your investment in Mastercam will continue to pay off by keeping your shop at the top of its game

Largest Installed User Base

With the largest installed based in the world, Mastercam offers the most widely shop-tested set of toolpaths in the industry. You benefit from the experience and input from thousands of NC programmers.


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