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VERICUT® software simulates NC machining to detect mistakes and inefficiency before prove-out!

VERICUT® software simulates NC machining to detect tool path errors and inefficient motion. During the part programming stage, you can eliminate errors that could ruin the part, damage the fixture, break the cutting tool, or crash the machine - without doing a single prove-out on the machine!

Support for: 2-3 Axis, Multi Axis, Milling, Drilling, Turning, Mill/Turn, EDM and more!

SIMULATION: A powerful inspection tool, 3D solid simulation of the workpiece and NC machine tool enable you to visualize the machining exactly as it occurs on the shop floor.

VERIFICATION: Correct tool path errors before machining, detect fast feed errors, potential crashes/collisions, gouges, over/undercutting and more!

ANALYSIS: Verify dimensional accuracy using comprehensive analysis tools for measuring and cross-sectioning the machined part to make sure the the finished part will exactly match the design intent.

OPTIMIZATION: Run NC machine tools at the maximum efficiency level possible. VERICUT automatically determines the best feed rates for every portion of the tool path and adjusts them based on the cutting conditions.

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with Mastercam software for increased efficiency

The Mastercam-to-VERICUT Interface from CGTech integrates the two programs to help you create the most accurate and efficient NC tool path programs possible! With the new interface you can launch VERICUT from Mastercam. The interface utilizes Mastercam's C-Hook technology to automatically transfer setup information including tools, tool paths, and stock location to VERICUT in their proper orientation. You also have the ability to transfer custom tool assemblies from MasterCam X4 directly into VERICUT. VERICUT verifies NC milling, drilling, turning, EDM, mill/turn, and Mastercam roll-die machining operations to detect errors without doing a manual prove-out. It also optimizes NC programs in order to produce more efficient tool paths that save time, produce higher quality surface finishes, and prolong tool life. VERICUT supports Mastercam NCI files and G-code data. The Mastercam and VERICUT processes run independently so you can create/edit a tool path while verifying or optimizing another.

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For more information about VERICUT® and to see what it can do, contact Prosoft.

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