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What is Verisurf?

The tight integration with Verisurf extends Mastercam's design and manufacturing functionality into inspection, reverse engineering, and more. Any Mastercam user can implement Verisurf inspection and reverse engineering into their manufacturing environment due to the familiar and easy-to-use interface.

Who is Verisurf?

Verisurf has been a Mastercam partner for over 15 years. Verisurf Software Inc., is a metrology software development company committed to delivering premier, field-proven computer-aided inspection and manufacturing solutions. They offer the most powerful, efficient, and competitively priced Model Based Definition (MBD) software suite available today, bringing measurement metrology to the paperless factory. Verisurf is setting the global standard for measurement and inspection in aerospace, automotive, and other industries worldwide.

What Does Verisurf Do?

Mastercam Design and Model Based Definition

Verisurf is built on top of Mastercam Design's efficient CAD engine and graphical user interface, and is the foundation to Verisurf's Model Based Definition (MBD). Verisurf MBD extends Mastercam by adding model associative Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) which is used to create and communicate manufacturing dimensions and tolerances through the inspection process. The central concept in MBD is that the 3D model has all of the dimensions and tolerances embedded and associated with the 3D CAD model, eliminating the need for 2D drawings and any ambiguity, conflict, and doubt that may arise when drawings and models co-exist.

Compatible with any CMM

An important aspect to performing rapid shop floor inspection is the ability to connect to any Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), gather measurement data, and report the findings in standard quality assurance formats. The Verisurf Device Interface connects Verisurf to any CMM, including many brands and models of stationary, portable arms, laser trackers, scanners, and optical CMM's.

Simple Align-Inspect-Report Process

Once connected to a CMM, users follow a simple process:

  1. Align: Following graphically displayed targets, you are guided through the alignment of the 3D model up to the part being inspected.
  2. Inspect: Referencing MBD dimensions and tolerances, you take measurements to fulfill the inspection requirements, and are provided with visual and audible feedback.
  3. Report: Select from a variety of standard QA reports, or create and customize your own report templates to meet your customer's requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Verisurf Reverse is used for creating 3D models for products that were designed and manufactured before 3D CAD became popular, or when 3D models are not available. In these cases, Verisurf Reverse helps create 3D models from scanned or digitized points or point clouds, using unique functions such as STL meshing, automatic NURB surfacing, cross section slicing, and mesh feature recognition.

Verisurf - A Success Story

MCD Machine and Master3DGage

MCD Machine is a job shop that runs prototype and production quantities for the military, medical, and aerospace industries.

Founded in 2002, the shop has grown from 2 employees in a 900 square foot building, to 12 employees in a 12,500 square foot building featuring a wide range of CNC milling and turning machines. The key to MCD Machine's success has been technical expertise. "We really needed an efficient way to check complex parts," says CJ Davis, founder of MCD Machine. "So when Master3DGage (powered by Verisurf X) came out, it just seemed like the easiest way."

Master3DGage is an affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection solution that significantly increases production and improves part quality. The complete solution automates the 3D inspection process and quickly verifies manufactured parts directly to 3D CAD models. It is sold and supported by select Mastercam Resellers.

"Our Master3DGage is a very precise portable CMM arm with Verisurf X software that can quickly verify parts while they are still on the CNC machine or anywhere else in the manufacturing process," said Davis. "Implementing portable inspection into the manufacturing process identifies issues quicker, reduces scrap, and significantly improves productivity."

MCD Machine uses the Master3DGage for parts with lots of surfaces, like layup tools for carbon fiber parts that can be easily checked before they are taken off of the machine. The shop likes the way Verisurf compares the part profile to the solid model in real time to quickly determine if it's necessary to re-machine an area or if it's okay to pull the part off of the machine.

"First article inspections for higher volume runs can also be done quickly using the same method," says Davis. "We set our tolerance on the Master3DGage to the tightest tolerance on the part and compare the part to the model. This doesn't necessarily give us actual dimensions, but it does tell us that all features are in tolerance so we can keep the machine going. In the mean time, we can create an automated inspection plan to get us good inspection reports."

The Master3DGage makes it easier for MCD Machine to inspect parts, which leads to lower costs, shorter lead times, and much better inspection reports. Here's a look at how they use this portable rapid 3D inspection solution:

  1. Obtain a 3D CAD model from the customer, usually in IGES or STEP format, and program the part using Mastercam. "This allows us to cut the part to the customer's file," says Davis.
  2. Take the Master3DGage and laptop computer to the machine and inspect the part once it is milled. The two communicate wirelessly, making moving the unit to the machine very easy.

Inspect the part to the customers file with the Master3DGage actually sitting on the work surface in the machine. "If all checks out, pull the part off the machine," said Davis. "If things don't look right, simply make adjustments and re-machine the part. The part never left the machine, so there is no need to check the setup or risk moving the part."

For more information about Verisurf and to see what it can do, contact Prosoft.

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