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Prosoft in conjunction with Mastercam provides a comprehensive support system offering users multiple avenues depending on their requirments at any given time.

For any support issues on your software call us on (09) 535 8677 or email us at

Phone email support is free to new users for 90 days and chargeable thereafter.

Customers on Maintenance incur no charge for this support. For more details on Maintenance, click here.

If you need applications support, you can get help free, anywhere in the world just by joining one of the many Mastercam specific forums. Check out our Forum page for our list of preferred forums.

X4 Update

If you have recently updated to Mastercam X4, the one thing all user will have to do is migrate and update their post processors, machine definitions and control definitions to the X4 standards. To aid you in updating your posts, we have two documents to walk you through the update process.

X4_UpdatePost.pdf - This file provides specific instruction on updating all files using the update folder functionality and also troubleshooting when errors occur in the update process.

Updatepost_dll.pdf - This file provides specific instruction on using the Updatepost.dll c-hook to update your post processors.

X4 MU3


Mastercam X4 MU3 is a cumulative installation that contains all of the bug fixes in X4 MU1 and MU2. All of the translators have also been updated to the 2010 versions. This must be installed on top of Mastercam X4, X4 MU1 or X4 MU2. If X4 MU1 or MU2 is already installed on a system, the "Mastercam X4 MU1/MU2" entry in Add / Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows Vista and 7) will be replaced with the MU3 entry. If MU3 is uninstalled, your Mastercam version will be rolled back to X4.

You must have maintenance through 12-31-09 to run X4 MU3. The Mastercam.exe version number is

Remember, all X4, X4 MU1 or X4 MU2 third-party add-ons or CHooks need to be rebuilt with the Mastercam X4 MU3 SDK.

Post Processors

Have you recently upgraded or purchased some new machinery for your shop? Do you already have Mastercam and are looking to use it to help improve programming efficiency on an existing machine? If so, you will need to get a post processor made specifically for that machine. Having the best post processor for you machine can fully utilize all of your machines advanced functions, allowing you to easily machine more advanced parts with less effort.

Prosoft offers a full line of post processors for almost any machine and controller ranging from a basic 2-axis Lathe to a full Multi-tasking turning center with multiple turrets, multiple spindles and 5-axis machining capabilites. The post processors can also be customized to output comments and code for your machine exactly as you would like. To get your machine up and running, contact us with your machines information and we'll get you the right post processor for the job.

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