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Mastercam Workshops : March 24-25th, 2010

Mastercam workshops held with the participation of Okuma NZ and Sandvik NZ. Existing and potential customers came from all over the country from as far as the South Island to attend the workshops for a hands on working review of Mastercam, covering Lathe/Multi axis lathe and/or Mill and multi axis Mill including a practical cutting process on the latest technology Okuma Multus machine.

A total of 46 persons representing 21 companies attended the workshops over the two days, this is up on the previous year despite the current slow economic condition...very encouraging. The feedback in the fews days since has been very positive. Mastercam customers are seeing this as a regular event now with the attitude that it is a "must attend" as a large proportion of the attendees were repeat attendees from the previous two years.

One of the areas new to these workshops was the attendance of potential clients who could see the product from a non-sales perspective and gain an informative understanding of the workings of Mastercam, this with the chance to mix, meet and talk with existing users gave them a hands on appreciation of the all round capability and performance of Mastercam in a working situation.

These Mastercam workshops have now become an annual event. Mastercam is an important tool in the successful running of an engineering workshop. Given the continued improvements of the software, these technical workshops provide an opportunity for Prosoft and Mastercam to show the new functionality and latest features to the very people who will be using them, a first hand chance to upskill and bring better performance to your shop and stay ahead of the competition.

With the environment today, I personally feel it is not good practice to purchase capital plant in isolation, to do so without including the impact of the supporting components, eg CadCam, tooling and staff training will potentially compromise the synergy value of the purchase.

The chance to investigate the benefits of marrying the best possible solutions should not be missed.

In todays market place given the working relationships Mastercam has with many of the worlds machine makers...the CadCam system is the key to the padlock, one that does not function at the highest level will compromise the ongoing efficient and profitable running of the company for every year you own and my message is, when looking at new machinery consider all components together understand the working relationship of the components and gain the full synergy from your purchase. They are after all, an integral part of the manufacturing process and should be evaluated as such.

These workshops hopefully go some way to promote the concept of wider co-operation/synergy awareness between existing Mastercam users to take advantage of shared information that is not directly competitive but is most useful in helping NZ companies stay at the best possible competitive level.

Combining resources wherein you may be one of a number of contractors each making different components for the same end user. eg Sharing geometry files to manufacture mating parts is just one of the many ways of capturing advantage at no additional cost to both parties.

I do believe that with these workshops comes the opportunity to mix with other Mastercam users, share experiences and build further your Mastercam network of users so you may assist each other in making your shop and our engineering industry stronger and more profitable.

Thank you for your support, I do hope attendees will take a moment and answer the survey,

Roy Parlane

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